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Default Re: Blow it up thread....

Ray Allen is maybe the greatest shooter in the history of the league. Mike Miller has always been a very good/great shooter while Rashard Lewis and Chalmers are pretty good spot up shooters.

They are shooting high percentage because they have 3 guys around that command attention from defense in LeBron,Wade and Bosh.

Knicks only have Carmelo. Role players didn't start to play poorly because Melo played poorly. Melo started to shoot poorly because role players completely cooled off and couldn't hit an ocean so him and J.R. needed to take all the shots.

I completely agree with franchize. Besides Melo and J.R. we don't have anyone who can create his own shot. Maybe Felton. Amare is hurt,Sheed is hurt,Copeland doesn't play and his defense sucks,Shumpert can't even make a slightly contested layup.
And our "shooters" sucks ass. Novak has one good game where he'll go 5-7 from three and then he'll shoot 1-4 or 0-3 in next 5-6 games. Of course that one good game will come in a blowout win. Jason Kidd shot 15% for three for like 2 months. Prigioni isn't here to shoot and James White sucks.

Knicks need to get back to moving the ball like they did early in the season. But you can't just blame Melo for not moving the ball. He is somewhat responsible for that but I understand him,If I'm one of the most talented offensive player in the league I would rather take a shot than pass it to my scrub teammate for who I'm sure he'll brick it.

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