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Default Re: My GF is getting too fat

I started a thread with a similar issue except.. I dunno what happened to the thread, i put it up in the fall..

Anyways to make a long story short, I started dating this girl and she weighed approx. 165 @ 5'5.. when we first started dating.. she was one of those girls that was really self conscience about her weight but hid it very well, but when I got to know her better I could tell she wanted to lose weight really bad. One thing she had going for her was that she was very smart (med school) and she had determination and strong will. She took criticism very well so I was very blunt with her. I saw the way she lived and I told her I would help her lose weight cuz she has diabetes history in her family and i used that to help me mask the real reason she needed to lose weight in order for me to pull my pants down and give it to her. I turned her world upside down. From everything to upping her temp of her place to 75 degrees (she had it at 68 and had a ceiling fan on 24/7) I went through her fridge and threw away everything fat, carby, and bad. I played tennis with her 4-6 hours per day 2-3 times a week and also went to the gym with her. She was really into cross fit (it seems to be the trend right now) but I told her cross fit is only good when it's used in small intervals to shock her body in between long cardio work outs. She really really needed cardio which she hated to do...

Now 7 months later she's at 132 now and she's aiming to reach 125. I told her if she hits 125 I would make her my official gf and she agreed and uses that as her motivation. She's also very young 22, I'm 32, but her confidence level has shot through the roof. She now admits she was fat, when in the beginning I used to see her eyes tear up if someone hinted that she was over weight. She also changed her major to pharmacy from MD, and I totally called her out saying that since she lost her weight she doesn't feel the need to justify being fat and become a doctor (I was kidding of course) but she looked at me and smiled and goes.. yeah maybe your right. Only problem she had was that she lost so much weight drastically so fast she had a hormonal imbalance which we had to taper off dieting till they got back to normal.

All in all, I am so proud of her and she is just glowing in confidence and self esteem. I also got a future gf that treats me great and looks good, which btw she is head over heels about me since day one but even much more so today cuz we went through a lot during this process. A skinny girls bod but a fat girls personality.. isn't that every mans dream? She can also cook up a storm which is a huge plus for me and she's into healthy cooking now, it's funny cuz I've gained weight myself since being with her and she tells me that I have to start working out.

Wow I've written a novel.. But to help you out bro.. just be dead honest and put the weight towards (no pun intended) it being a future health issue/hazard. Also make her feel that she's not doing it alone and you got to support her as much as you can. There have been times where I would be starving (she lived right behind a popeyes chicken mind you) but it would be too late for her to eat so I starved with her together. You have to make sacrifices with her.. hope this helps out.
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