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Default Re: My GF is getting too fat

Originally Posted by DwadeOverLebron
Now 7 months later she's at 132 now and she's aiming to reach 125. I told her if she hits 125 I would make her my official gf and she agreed and uses that as her motivation.

She's also very young 22, I'm 32.

She also changed her major to pharmacy from MD, and I totally called her out saying that since she lost her weight she doesn't feel the need to justify being fat and become a doctor (I was kidding of course) but she looked at me and smiled and goes.. yeah maybe your right.

1. How f*cking full of yourself are you? You won't make her your girlfriend until she reaches an arbitrary weight? Like you're some great incentive to do something for...

2. 10 year age gap, and exerting this kind of control over a young, most likely inexperienced girl.

3. And you're on board with her changing from med school to working in a pharmacy?

Way to screw up this bitch's life. I'd rather have a chubby doctor with a need to prove something than an in shape chick filling pill bottles and getting railed by an old guy with an inflated ego.
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