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Default Re: Blow it up thread....

Originally Posted by Clutch
He's not being asked to do anything else but shoot. He was always a good shooter. The past few years he played on bad teams so he didn't get good looks.

When you play with LeBron you get good looks. When besides LeBron you also have Wade and Bosh you get great looks no matter against who you play.

What are you trying to prove ? That LeBron is better than Carmelo ? We all know that.
Rashard was missing wide open shots for years, now in Miami he's elite.

You really think Lebron is the only player in the league that can give a team mate "good looks"?

Watch Lebron play, he can score at will, but that isn't his gameplan.

His defense is always there, as is the effort, and he strives to get his team involved early....that is what sets his bar.

Those three aspects any top player should be able to do consistently.

Even Durant elevated his playmaking, defense, and rebounding.

Lebron is perfectly content to set up a confident Chalmers for instance all night depending on the matchup.

You think Chalmers would excel here? Nope.

Even Bibby was a 40% shooter in Miami the year before he came to the Knicks.

Now watch the knicks....who takes the first shot in almost every single game and usually miss? It's not a role's Melo.

Getting your team mates involved doesn't mean just kick out when double teamed.

Teams dont even double Melo, they are happy he takes a ton of shots because they know it's too tempting for him to not shoot.

But once again, look at everysingle top team in the league, all of their role players play well because their stars play on both ends of the floor, always give effort and play defense.
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