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Default Re: What to do if u used 2 talk to a girl 24/7

Originally Posted by Bladers
Good stellar advice apart from the capped insults. Do u have a emo vendetta towards me that I don't know of? Cause in every post towards me in any thread, if there's ever been anyone madder I ain't seen it. Like wtf I didn't **** ur fam or Sumthing.

I digress.
Good advice nonetheless, appreciate it.

I hate to say it Bladers, but niko has a point. He is using "tough love," and I think it is the only way to get through your infactuation. nathanjizzle is also right: she's using you as a pawn, and if she is taking you out to all those fancy dinners, she's prob thinking to herself, "Why am I always paying for this broke n*gga when I could be with someone else who pays for me."

Money is as important as looks and having a big d*ck and it looks like you are getting beat in all those categories. Best thing to do is cut it off with her, stop getting jealous, take some time to improve yourself, and come back when you KNOW you are better than your competition.
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