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Default Re: Blow it up thread....

Originally Posted by Rameek
The point being Melo is an elite scorer but he is quite inefficient. Melo isnt a superstar like Durant, Wade, LBJ etc because Melo doesnt play the defense, rebound, make plays, hustle, show those leadership qualities of the other elite players. What Knickcity is saying if he did those things then its easy to blame the other components of the team.

LBJ did the same things when he was in Cleveland playing with scrubs and took that team to the playoffs ALL BY HIMSELF.

Shard isnt in the rotation anymore fellas.
Yep. Spot on.

And that's the main key.

No one can seriously complain about the role players when the star with 34 % usage is nit doing everything needed to get the win.

Outside of Melo guarding Blake Griffin when was the last time anyone can say Melo played good defense for an entire game?

I'm asking Melo to be LeBron but to think he can't emulate some of his game ludicrous

Melo can make plays and rebound and has shown he can defend.

But to win he has to do it every game, now if he was I could totally understand ripping the support.
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