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Default Re: Lil Wayne is dying!

Originally Posted by GOBB
But a person with a good or even great batting % would never argue they never struck out. Thats the issue. Tmz struck out here, admit it and move on. And striking out by saying someone is near death is to me a story you better damn well have good sources on in case of a situation like this. I'd like to hear them explain why they ran with this story.

Wayne said he stopped drinking lean so whatever put him in the hospital I dont think it was lean. He could have lied tho or relapsed. I just remember him saying he stopped and other rappers like 2 chainz were teasing him how he is missing out.

Stopping is what most likely caused the seizures, especially if he stopped cold turkey. I know that for benzos like Xanax, stopping cold turkey can be fatal. You can get seizures a month after you stopped taking them, when you think you're in the clear. And he most likely is on them barz and other sh*t too.
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