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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

From what I'm reading, last year it wasn't available outside of the US either.

I didn't purchase it because I'm pretty sure literally every single game was on TV, but if it's like the old MMOD, you can stream any game on your computer that's online. It had like a small thumbnail view to watch multiple games. It was really useful before all the games starting to get aired. It was free too.

I'd like the see the SEC and Pac 12 battle it out to see who has the shittier conference.

Also, yeah, Hicks is great prospect. His senior mix:

I think he's going to take a year to figure it out (little to no post moves)... Watch out when he does. Telep was ranking PFs in the class and said Hicks has the highest upside of all the PFs. This in a class that includes Aaron Gordon, Julius Randle, Chris Walker, and Noah Vonleh. And the kid committed on the spot, which pretty much never happens with a top recruit.

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