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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

It was a stylistic issue for Bradley. Provodnikov was all wrong for Tim with his brutal straight right that Bradley couldn't get away from. It happens and that's why the mantra "styles make fights" is so cliche but also so true when it comes to professional prize fighting.

This fight does not hurt Bradley in the least. This guy has gotten a raw deal and I'm not even much of a Bradley guy. I don't think he is a great fighter, but rather a tough guy that is solid in pretty much all areas, but not outstanding in any one... except for chin and guts.

Still, that Pacquiao fight was closer than the announcers made it seem.

HBO Bias Exposed

Did I think Manny won that fight? Yes... But I thought it was close. Certainly not "robbery" status. And, certainly not enough for Bradley to basically have his name soiled because he got that decision, which is what has happened.

Even if it was a total farce of a decision (which it wasn't), how is that Bradley's fault?

Just really weird the way the public and the promoters have reacted to that fight.

In the same light, NO WAY Bradley's win tonight should diminish him. That was one of the gutsiest performances I have seen in a long time from a fighter. Just about any other fighter would have been down and out 5-6 times in the first 2 rounds alone.

Bradley persevered against a guy who matched up perfectly against him, adapted his style and gutted out a win. This should enhance Bradley, as far as I'm concerned. I want to watch this guy fight again, and like I said, I'm not the biggest Bradley guy... Or, at least I wasn't before tonight.
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