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Default Re: Would anything have been different....

First of all,Lin isn't really a pass-first point guard. He's more of a scoring guard who can pass as well.
Is he better than Felton ? It's arguable.
Lin is playing on the Rockets team who runs all the time and scores like 110 a game so his stats are inflated. Also he's a much better fit there than he would have been in NY.

If we had him instead of Felton I'm pretty sure some guys like Melo and J.R. wouldn't like it.
Then you have another problem. Lin likes to have the ball in his hands and also prefers an up tempo game.
At the beginning of the season he struggled playing off the ball even on Houston team who basically just runs.

Would we be better with Lin INSTEAD OF Felton ? NO. Felton is a better fit and it seems like his teammates like him. He can also at least carry the ball up the court against Miami without turning it over.

Would we be better with BOTH Lin and Felton ? YES. Start Felton and let Lin come off the bench to provide some scoring and playmaking. In that way we would have a great backup point guard,Melo and J.R. wouldn't complain too much because he wouldn't get as much attention as a backup and Lin would have the ball in his hands and a chance to play like he knows the best.
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