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Default Re: Would anything have been different....

Originally Posted by Rameek
Franchize dont make me stab you.

This thread is based on the court not CONTRACT!

LMAO Knickscity....death threats aren't ban-worthy?

But seriously Rameek, Read my posts again. I didn't JUST mention contract. I mentioned play on the court.

For instance, I mentioned that when Lin plays against the top teams in the East, he struggles. Felton has had some pretty good games against Miami and Chicago. (He hasn't played vs Boston and hasn't played well vs Brooklyn or Indiana).

Lin still turns the ball over at an extremely high rate.

They both are terrible on defense. In fact, McHale takes Lin out a lot of times at the end of close games for defensive purposes.

We all think Felton is struggling from 3 but he's shooting better than Lin still and this is with 2 fingers on his shooting hand taped together.

I'm sorry. I don't miss Jeremy Lin at all. It was exciting while it lasted, but predictably, he came back down to Earth just as Novak did. Just as our roster did this season. One day, some of yall will realize that our GM is lazy. These stop gap solutions DO NOT WORK. Anybody can have a hot streak over an 82 game season.
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