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Default Re: Blow it up thread....

Originally Posted by franchize
You say you aren't asking Melo to be LeBron, but everytime you make a's LeBron. I'm fully convinced that Knicks fans aren't mad at Melo because of his play. They're upset because he's not LeBron. Newsflash. Nobody is LeBron. He's the best player in the world.

Furthermore, if you can't see that out of the top players in the league, Melo has the worst supporting cast, you need to stop watching basketball. Let's take a look:

LeBron's supporting cast: Wade, Bosh, Battier, Allen, Haslem, Birdman, Cole, Chalmers, Lewis.

Durant's supporting cast: Westbrook, Ibaka, Martin, Sefolosha, Perkins, Collison, Thabeet, Fisher

Kobe's supporting cast: Howard, Nash, Jamison, World Peace, Meeks, Clark
(Gasol, Ebanks, Hill pretty much don't count. They've been hurt all year.)

Paul's supporting cast: Griffin, Jordan, Crawford, Butler, Barnes, Green, Billups,
Bledsoe, Odom

Melo's supporting cast: Chandler, Smith, Shumpert, Felton, Kidd, Prigioni, Thomas, White, Copeland, Novak, Martin.
(Amare, Camby, Wallace pretty much don't count. They've been hurt all year)

You mean to tell me this doesn't make a difference in the amount of shots a player takes? Knock it off. Grunwald didn't do his job. You don't just get to ignore that. There are 5 players on a court. Why are you blaming the best one for the fact that the others suck? Wake up! Maybe Melo is playing "hero ball" but you know what...he HAS to. We started off winning because we were hot from 3. You say we fell off around the time Melo fell off. No. We fell off around the time we came back down to Earth from 3. Each month our 3 point shooting has declined. Melo didn't make Felton fracture his finger. He didn't sign Pablo Prigioni. He didn't injure Sheed and Camby. He didn't re-injure Amare. He didn't make Jason Kidd shoot 16% from 3. He didn't make Novak the most one dimensional player in the history of the NBA. He didn't make Shumper tear his ACL and come back rusty. He didn't sign 6 players over 35, NONE of which have given us any consistent production. DUDE...OUR ROSTER SUCKS!!! WAKE UP!!!
I completely agree
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