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Default Re: Blow it up thread....

Let's examine some things that occurred over Melo's tenure. Tell me how this doesn't lead to a player being knocked out the 1st round.

VS the Celtics (who are one of the best teams in the East)
Amare gets injured and can't play. According to many sources, he got hurt doing trick dunks on the layup line. He shot 5 for 20 in that game 4 elimination and had 5 turnovers.Chauncey Billups is out for the entire series. This is your STARTING pg BTW.

This was basically our lineup:
with Bill Walker as our 6th man and Shawne Williams as our 7th man.


KG, Rondo, Allen, Pierce and Jermain O'neal

Vs Miami (the eventual champs)
No Lin so once again your starting pg is out. Baron blew out blew out his knee, so there goes your backup as well. Shumpert tore his ACL in Game 1, so there goes your starting SG and best perimeter defender. Amare ever so brilliantly hurts himself yet again in the playoffs and is now playing with one hand. Tyson Chandler is milking the hell out of his "flu like symptoms" excuse. Mike Bibby is a scrub. Landry Fields is a scrub. Ya boy Jared Jeffries, who you cannot deny you absolutely LOVED, had a whopping 2 points THE ENTIRE SERIES!!! Novak, who started Game 3 and played 22 minutes, was on his donut for that game and only scored 12 points the entire series. After Amare and JR, who tied for 2nd in points, our 4th leading scorer was Landry Fields, who struggles to get burn on Toronto.

So were just going to ignore all this stuff happened and act like we lost because Melo was out there chucking and hurting the team. Knock it off dude. You're better than that!
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