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Default Re: Blow it up thread....

Originally Posted by Scoooter
franchize, offer one legitimate criticism of Carmelo Anthony as a player.
No problem. I can give you a few:

1.He hasn't improved his explosiveness throughout his entire career.
2.He doesn't take his teammates to task for not doing their job, thus allowing people like Knickscity and yourself to overlook his lack of help.
3.He allows the refs to dictate his play. Instead of attacking the paint despite not getting calls, when the refs don't call fouls, he resorts to pull ups. You just have to keep attacking. They're gonna have to call it eventually.
4. He doesn't post up enough. He started in the beginning of the year but went away from it. This is partly on him and partly on Woody but I'd like to us start our offense with him posting on the block and not at the elbow.
5. He's not a great help defender. I think he's a VERY underrated on ball defender but he gamble too much when he helps.
6. He plays hurt too much. I know throughout a season, nobody is going to be 100%. I just think he compounds his injuries by trying to tough it out and play 40+ minutes while he's banged up. Then you have injuries that take you out of the lineup completely.
7. He isn't good with officials. Not only does he get too many techs, I hate to say this, but he doesn't flop enough. When he gets fouled, it's a legit foul. He doesn't draw those cheap, ticky tack fouls that guys like Durant get.
8. He brings the ball up too much. I don't care how bad Felton is struggling, he's the point guard. Let him run the show. You're wearing yourself out trying to do other people's job.
9. He doesn't use the glass enough. I remember in Denver he used to have an awesome bank shot. I never understood why he stopped using the backboard.
10.He gets lost sometimes in transition defense. Instead of sprinting back and stopping ball, he looks for his man.
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