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Default Re: Blow it up thread....

Originally Posted by knickscity
So in other words Melo is poor defender, not a smart player, not a leader or a team oriented player.

No wonder you want his supporting cast to bail him out.

But seriously, what needs to happen is to accept he shouldn't be the best player on the team, similar to Pierce.

Pierce had the stats, but no wins to show for it, until better, more efficient players came along.

He needs a KG to get his butt in line, and a Ray to give him great shots.

And he'll need to refine his game and accept it's OK to only average 14 shots a game from then on, just like Pierce.

If that's what you 2 got from what I wrote then your reading comprehension is lacking lol

And Paul Pierce was the best player on that team. Maybe KG was a better leader but Pierce was the best player.

And once again, you're proving MY point because Melo hasn't had a team NEARLY as talented as the Celtics here in NY. When Grunwald brings in that kind of team, maybe your argument will make some sort of sense. Until then, it's irrelevant.

BTW, Scooter you asked me to give you 1 and I gave you ten. So even if half of them were BS, that still is 5X what you thought I couldn't do lol
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