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Default Re: are you taking any nutritional supplements?

Originally Posted by bmulls
Just whey isolate, fish oil and a multi. I've tried BCAAs during my workouts and noticed no difference in recovery, so I quit buying those.

I've also tried most every popular pre workout on the market. 1,3DMAA products are my favorite but I had to quit taking them because I was concerned about false positives on a drug test (I've read many conflicting things about this and I would rather be safe than sorry). I've switched over to 400mg caffeine preworkout and have noticed no drop offs in strength or endurance, so the boost from 1,3DMAA is 100% mental. It's still nice to get you in the mood though and if I didn't have to drug test I would probably still be taking it.

Geranium is no more a drug than ephedrine, or even creatine. The onus is on the user to know if it's a banned substance for whatever they are being tested for.
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