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Default Re: "Rape Crew" in small town Ohio


Shortly after the courtroom cleared, Attorney General Mike DeWine announced that a grand jury would be convened on April 15 to investigate whether charges would be filed against others.

It will use information gathered by more than 15 state investigative agents who have already interviewed 56 people including, the school district's principal, superintendent and 27 football coaches. Sixteen people refused to cooperate.

The grand jury will have the latitude to question witnesses and send out subpoenas for information.

DeWine said the community "desperately needs to put this behind them" but they also needed assurance that "no stone has been left unturned."

DeWine said possible charges included, but weren't limited to, failure to report a crime and tampering with evidence. He would not specifically comment on a question about Head Coach Reno Saccoccia, who was discussed in text messages during the trial as knowing about the rape.

However, he did say that teacher and coaches have a mandatory obligation to report any type of child abuse.
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