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Default Re: "Rape Crew" in small town Ohio

Originally Posted by KevinNYC
Was this case sensationalized until the Anonymous or whoever it was started talking about this in December? Again, I didn't live though this case, but the few articles I looked at had the Anonymous allegations as part of the story, that is those allegations were driving the story, so covering the story meant covering the allegations. Now there's a responsible and irresponsible way to do that, but you're right, even wide circulation of responsibly reported allegations are going to leave a mark.
The NY Times linked to LocalLeaks directly, along with providing excerpts from the piece. CNN did a live interview with KyAnonymous, where he was unchallenged in repeating pretty much everything in the LocalLeaks article. There wasn't even an attempt to interject. The Cleveland Plain Dealer, a pretty highly respected regional newspaper, was basically the mouthpiece for Alexandria Goddard, the blogger who is at the root of all the lies.

Originally Posted by KevinNYC

The AG is just covering his butt. This is a PR move and, from what I've heard, it will mainly deal with calling in other kids at the first party (where a rape did not happen) and those that may have seen tweets.

Regardless, he has already said there was no conspiracy, cover-up. I do dislike the fact that he's going to be keeping this story going for another month, but this seems like a publicity move more than anything else.

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