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Default This must be said: The Wire is overrated

I've been waiting to watch this show for years. The hype around this around the inter webs had me salivating.

"GOAT show!!!" many typed around the webs.

Patton Oswalt even wrote an entire article on AintItCool proclaiming his adoration for the show.

Posters quoted Wire lines, used 'Avon' and Stringer as their board handles with Avatars of their fav characters. Even some here have proclaimed it to be better than Sopranos, the best show ever!!!

I was anxiously anticipating to watch it, and I was let down.

Cliche, cliche, cliche.

Acting was good, rarely great. The big bad drug dealers were not, nothing original, nothing groundbreaking, nothing spectacular, shit… the f*ckin music they played sucked ass. Hardcore drug dealers listening to 'It Takes Two' in the 90s??? Howabout D'Angelo looking like a dyke (say I'm lying)

It felt as tho they mixed plot lines from various films and made it into a show.

This show was 'good' don't get me wrong, but not at the level many made it out to be. People used to cry when it wouldn't get nominated for awards, well, it didn't deserve any.

To be honest/fair I just saw the first season, and I'm really not anxious to begin season 2. Game of Thrones immediately grabbed me, the quality stood out from the get go.

I will say this….

This doesn't feel as contrived as Breaking Bad, it doesn't have the holes that Lost had, and it isn't as painfully slow as Sopranos. But it doesn't make it better than any of those.
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