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Default Re: This must be said: The Wire is overrated

Originally Posted by andgar923
BB has some shaky writing but even then, it's better than Wire.

Shit, the acting on BB alone trumps anything on Wire, with ease.

Omar being the scariest character on Wire
Well Breaking Bad had some completely retarded moments.

Like the Mexican drug lord's mansion with only like 1-2 guards, no people on the rooftop with machine guns or no small army around the house. Gus just walks in, poisons everyone and walks out like nothing happened.

Or the billionaire chicken chain owner only having around 2-8 bodyguards, that one Mexican sniper coming in and scaring him all by himself by ambushing his shipments and shooting at his laundry spot.

The show had big time "bosses" that operated like local drug dealers, was hard to believe they are some hardcore guys making 100+ million like nothing.

And the school teacher ends up outsmarting all of them?
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