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Default Re: This must be said: The Wire is overrated

Originally Posted by andgar923
Not so.

Even then, Gus was an invited guest along with others from the cartel who also had their bodyguards. It isn't rare to see a home with minimal bodyguards in small towns like those, because they're very secluded for starters.

Gus didn't walk out like nothing happened. YES he poisoned basically everybody, but he had a shootout, but even then, most were already poisoned or shot.

But he wasn't a 'Billionaire' chain owner. It also common to see millionaires walk around with no bodyguards. Either way, Mike or somebody else was always with him. Remember, only very few knew of his power. The Mexican cartel for the most part had his back, it was only when things went bad that he was in any danger and he was well protected then.

There wasn't a "shootout", Gus, Mike and Jessy walked out and Jessy shot just ONE GUY! Then they left in the car. There is no way the biggest drug lord in Mexico would be that defenseless.

He was almost a billionaire, when Jessy and Walter talked about their 3 month deal, they did the math and I think said Gus was gonna have like 250+ million worth of meth after those 3 months, if you add his chicken chain and near decade of meth business you get a very very very rich drug lord in control of all meth distribution in the East/South.

The fact there were so few henchmen and bodyguards in that billion dollar business wasn't realistic, Gus and the Mexican guy were basically Pablo Escobars in the show yet they never displayed their power or influence. The show just feels like a budget series going for big time scale but not really giving you that sense. If the show was done by HBO instead of AMC I am sure the set pieces and all the events would be much more refined.
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