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Default Re: Haha @ The Holy Bible

Originally Posted by HardwoodLegend
The Bible was written by humans. Very smart, eloquent, organized and sometimes horny/misogynistic humans.

As a Christian growing up, I was raised to believe that each word was inspired by "God's touch" though and that the book was protected from sabotage and rogue human interference under his care.

No longer being Christian, clearly I do not believe that any more. Some of these men had their sex-deprived agendas as motivational fuel for their words.

raised catholic. Went to catholic school for 8 years. They taught us that the bible was written by normal people, and that it has constantly been changed and revised. That its full of stories that people wrote on how they thought the world came to be, or how things worked, and that you shouldn't take the bible literally, but just appreciate the lessons it teaches. We were taught it is a holy book, but its supplementary to the religion, not the definitive word.
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