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Default Re: Haha @ The Holy Bible

Slightly OT, but it looks like the show about the bible on the History Channel tried to make the devil look like Obama. Anyone else see this?
Yeah I watched most of it yesterday. What an odd series. Anyone catch Kevin Garnett conquering Jericho?

And why on earth is the series called "The Bible"? That's goofy. It's the Christian narrative of salvation history. It's contained in a bunch of books that were codified into a definitive collection around 300 AD or so. We call that the Bible because it means "book" in Greek. That title doesn't tell you anything about the story.

Yeah, the Obama Satan was funny. So was the "big black guy with dreds" Samson. So was pretty much everything, actually.

You have to keep in mind that this series is basically a cash cow aimed at midwestern Evangelicals, so the devil resembling Obama is ho-hum.
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