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Default Re: Going to be a dad, need ISH tips

Originally Posted by shortsoptional

The wife and I both do not follow a religion. We have christian values, but are a secular household. But we've both agreed that if our kid grows up and follows a religion, we'll still support their decision.

The nutrition thing is going to be tricky. She's a vegetarian and I am not. She wants to raise our children to be vegetarian, and I feel like that is going to be incredibly hard. We'll see how it goes, but that's what i think is going to be the hardest part as far as eating habits go. Going to be hard to tell my kid that they can't have what dad eats.

We don't have any pets right now, but we both want a dog. She wants one right now, but i was thinking it would be best to wait until the kid is about a year so that the kid and dog grow up together.

99.99999% of real medical doctors will tell you that's an extremely unhealthy thing to do to your kid. It's one thing to be a vegetarian as an adult, but as a kid? At least let the kid make his own choice.

EDIT: And i think its not even good that your wife will keep a vegetarian diet while she pregnant. That might affect the development of the baby.
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