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Default Re: Going to be a dad, need ISH tips

Originally Posted by DukeDelonte13
99.99999% of real medical doctors will tell you that's an extremely unhealthy thing to do to your kid. It's one thing to be a vegetarian as an adult, but as a kid? At least let the kid make his own choice.

EDIT: And i think its not even good that your wife will keep a vegetarian diet while she pregnant. That might affect the development of the baby.
this is sheer ignorance and not true in the slightest. If your wife is a smart vegetarian, she is getting all the nutrients she needs. same with a kid. One of the biggest burliest toddlers I know has been raised vegetarian. Im certainly not saying you shouldnt input your dietary wishes as well (and as the kid gets older, let them make choices for themselves), but Dukes POV is pure ignorance and not supported by the science or the medical community.

Of course, if your wife is a dumb vegetarian and doesnt get a balanced diet, thats another story (but the same is definitely true of non-vegetarians).

Not to mention the billions of people around the world who are vegetarian (live most Brahmins, the priestly caste in Hinduism) and have perfectly healthy kids.

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