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Default Re: This must be said: The Wire is overrated

Originally Posted by Stuckey
list 3 better crime dramas

if you say Breaking Bad, would neg


Don't really watch too many (or any) crime dramas on tv since most of them are the same and almost all of them are on network tv. I haven't seen the Shield so I can't comment on it.

And YES Wire is a good show, never said it wasn't.

Again, do most of you not understand what the term 'overrated' is?

To refresh everybody's memory, many have said it was the GOAT show. Not GOAT crime drama but GOAT show period and that's my main reason for this thread.

In regards to BB vs Wire….

BB >>>> Wire in regards to acting
BB>>>> Wire in regards to directing
BB>>>> Wire in regards to cinematography
BB>>>> Wire originality
BB>>>> Wire in regards to characters

I would say Wire> BB in regards to writing, due to some of BB's issues from time to time. But BB is at least more original, and nothing that Wire covers hasn't been covered in BB at some extent. There's no clear winner when it comes to writing because for all the Wire's realism, it has also been done before on other venues. BB brings more originality (not completely, but more so than Wire). And let's not pretend that BB is a slouch either, some are trying to paint it that way but it's far from it.

BB>>>> Wire as far as overall entertainment value and more engaging

I honestly don't give a shit about any character on the Wire. I kinda cared about Wallace but he got killed. I don't care what happens to them the next episode, I don't care what happened to them before. I am however pulled into BB character's lives. I want to know as much as I can about some of them. I find them more interesting than the ones from the Wire. Perhaps because I've seen the characters from the Wire other times (?) Omar may be the most original character on Wire. A gay stick up man, I doubt that's ever been done before on any medium (perhaps OZ).

You're gonna have to neg me, cause BB>>Wire
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