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Default Re: Going to be a dad, need ISH tips

Originally Posted by niko
Why not start them out with everything making it fully clear which is healthy and which is not? We do that and they are very much into vegtables. I mean very much, they'd eat nothing else if we left them. And you're right about the sleepovers, school lunch and such, it's going to be a large pain in the ass.

The parents i know who try to restrict their kids diet to the degree you are tend have kids who romanticize the other foods. I don't see how later in life it would help. And that's the point, no?

Note: ABout the "how do you watch TV, etc" just do it when you can to keep you sane. Some parents i know act like that's impossible. It's not. ANd remember there are two of you, cover for each other when you can. ANd take the kid out with you, they are not made of glass, go shopping, etc.

And you DO NOT need a huge super stroller that weights 49,000 pounds. Remember your wife may need to lift that thing WITH the kid inside, etc.

Sure... completely understand that.

There are lot of meatless options, however, that taste pretty much the same. I still eat meat, but some things like veggie crumbles, breakfast sausage and believe it or not, corn dogs taste really good. So while i understand your point that they may crave something like a burger (In and Out sounds pretty good right now actually), we can still make those things for them and they would never know the difference. And nutrition wise, they would be fairly similar, if not in some cases better.
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