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Default Re: Bruce Lee was a fascinating man

Per Wiki:
In 1962, Lee was challenged by a man who had been holding a grudge against Lee while the two were practicing at a YMCA in Seattle.[46] The man was described by Jesse Glover as a karate man who also had a blackbelt in judo, though Glover, who was a brown belt in judo at the time, claimed to be better than the man in judo.[46] After weeks[47] or months[48] of provocation by the man, Lee agreed to fight the man for three two-minute rounds, with the winner being the one who knocked the opponent down or out in two out of three rounds.[49] The match took place at YMCA's handball court, with Glover as the referee and Ed Hart as the time keeper.[49] Lee wore street clothes and used a Wing Chun stance while his opponent wore a gi and used a karate stance.[49] According to Glover, Lee used his right forearm to deflect an initial kick from the man and simultaneously landed a left punch to the face.[49] Lee deflected more punches using the forearm, controlling the center line and landed more punches to the man's face until he was against the wall.[49] The man attempted to grab Lee's arms, which Lee responded by a double fist punch to the face and chest, followed by a kick to the nose, which produced a nosebleed and a knockout, at which time Glover stopped the fight.[49] Taki Kamura said the fight lasted 10 seconds.[50] Ed Hart stated "the fight lasted exactly 11 seconds – I know because I was the time keeper – and Bruce had hit the guy something like 15 times and kicked him once. I thought he'd killed him".[47]

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