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Default Re: Going to be a dad, need ISH tips

Originally Posted by DukeDelonte13
and you follow it up with an anecdote about a burly toddler you know. I get it. It's possible to supplement the diet with the iron and proteins the kid needs. But why do that sh*t? Why not just be normal and feed them the meat that their stomachs were designed to digest?

from your article:

your other article was devoid of sources. It's a risk not worth taking IMO.

EDIT: not trying to call out OP, i'm sure him and his lady will do everything necessary to ensure their kid gets proper nutrition.
have you ever seen what is in prenatal vitamins? There is so much iron that when I took one during our first pregnancy, I shat black bricks for 2 days. There is very little chance of an informed mother having an iron deficiency due to diet. Its funny that you say our bodies were "designed" to eat meat. Based on what? There is very little direct evidence of meat consumption in hominin evolution. The amount of meat eaten by a traditional H-G group is pretty small (check HRAF). Sure, meat (or other sources of protiens) is an important dietary component. But, acting like you cannot get away from meat with the plethora of dietary options available to the modern consumer is just false.

My toddler anecdote may be just that, an anecdote, but its based in reality. Your 99.99% of doctors line is pure hogwash.
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