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Default Re: Bruce Lee was a fascinating man

Originally Posted by 9512
He was killed by the Illuminati?

seriously, he is like the Asian Michael Jordan. A person who influenced people to take up martial arts.

Lee knew martial arts in movies were gimmick and within 3 years of the release of his movies, he said he wouldn't do anymore and maybe branch out to more mainstream movies either as a writer, actor, director, producer or whatever...

His personality is strong. Right on par with MJ and Kobe. His legend has been protected somehow but people who have had first hand experience with Lee would tell you he is or can be an grade A Ahole. Not unlike MJ or Kobe.

He's buried in Seattle, WA. Lakeview cemetery that overlooks Lake Washington and Husky stadium (U Dub). I went there over 30 times I have lived in that area. It's interesting people still talk about him. I sat around and spoke with other Lee fans. Like Kobe stans, MJ stans, and LeBron stans, people debated whether or not he would UFC champ etc...

MJ wasn't half the pioneer Lee was. There were a gang of dudes before Jordan who established the sport. Also MJ couldn't hold a candle to Lee in the sense of overall wisdom with quotes. "Republicans wear sneakers too" has to be one of the most stupid and unenlightening things ever said. Lol.

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