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Default Re: "Story Of My Life ft. Jay-A" [I'm even sing a few bars in this one!]

Originally Posted by Go Getter
trust and believe when i tell you that you aren't doing yourself any favors by calling yourself Jay-A.

I don't wanna shit on your effort and work but it sounds very underground--bush league-type stuff....if you're going to rap do it all the way live man pay for a little studio time and stop making these guerrilla ass songs that aren't mastered and timed right.

I don't hate it but you guys' sound needs work if you plan on rapping for real....if it's just a hobby then it's all good then man do you.

(I kinda dig rappers that disregard form for the sake of what they want to say so I like that aspect of your style)
The lack of timing you speak of is due to me not recording for a whole year. This is my 4th recording in a week. I'm not nearly as sharp as my talents lend me to be.

I'm back on the scene and the game is better for it.

As far as me calling myself Jay-A there will be a track in the future that addresses th other guy with a name so close to mine.
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