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Default Re: My GF is getting too fat

Jesus, did somebody actually try and say a 170 chick is skinny? That is a BIG girl. She's either fat/chubby or extremely muscular.

Skinny bitches for the win for me personally. I don't mind a girl with a little meat on her bones but I def prefer petite girls. Perhaps because I'm a skinny dude myself, but find it a myth that they have no "curves". Yeah generally don't have much of an ass but a skinny girl with a C cup looks pretty fit. Guess we all have different definitions of a skinny chick, but if you're GF was 140 pounds 7 years ago still seems like a decent sized girl. After 7 years you're relationship should be more about looks, atleast one would think. 200 pounds is massive, so I'd talk to her and tell her it's unhealthy or whatever and get her back down to 140-150 which seems pretty realistic.
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