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Default Re: My GF is getting too fat

Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
You're probably very full of yourself. It also say a lot about some loser who's 32 and has to resort to picking up chicks 10 years younger than him cos he can't pull real women.

Some might consider me as being full of myself, yes. But I am human and I admit that I can get away with things most people can't. I am who I am so it is what it is. What can I do? You would be the same if you were me.

Actually she was the one who threw herself at me. When I found out she was 22 I was shocked. But instead of looking at her like a 22 yr old who has low self esteem. I saw a beautiful girl with immense potential, who I can guide into the women of my dreams.. that just happens to be 22 now. I'm sorry if you think I'm some loser who has to resort to picking up chicks 10 years younger than me. But in all honesty bro.. 22 girls > 32 women.. 85% of the time for me.. Hey I like em young and my friends are all envious that I can still do it. Some things aren't meant to be seen.. rather felt.
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