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Default Re: Going to be a dad, need ISH tips

Originally Posted by shortsoptional
Agreed. Going to try real hard to follow this one. However, I was encouraged to see a friend of mine who taught his daughter baby sign so that she could convey to them what she wanted without screaming and crying... looked to work really well.

That's pretty cool. Seems like a once in a lifetime thing though.

Congrats on your kid btw. I never really knew if I wanted kids but my buddy is dating a girl who has a 3 year old daughter. She's 23 (accident). Her kid is really cool and loves me and I love her but sometimes I just want to yell at her. I question the way she's raised from time to buddy doesn't ever give her what she wants.

I stayed at his place the other night and I hear a whimper/cry from her room. I wanted to go over and yell at her and be like, "wtf are you doing. Go the **** to sleep."

Her mother came and told her that basically but I think the most appropriate thing would be to ignore her. Don't give her the attention she seeks because in the end that's all she wants.

She still pisses herself from time to time and she still wears pull ups. Is that even normal for a 3 year old?
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