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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by Jackass18
I said I prefer him as the bad guy. I like when there's bad guys and good guys to root against and for. Nick was great in his role as a bad guy, but mother****er talking like he wants to be a good guy? Who would we be left with as a bad guy? Bisping? Kos? If you've seen Sonnen on TUF and/or as an analyst for Fuel TV, then you can see he isn't a bad guy at all. I like watching Diaz fight (he's been a rather entertaining fighter) and when he talks (similar to Tito in that they'll say something stupid and/or off-the-wall). I'm more put off by the Diaz fans than Diaz himself. Effing Sherdog...
well said.

although that also puts the finger on a weak point i personally have in MMA-- that is, i'm 99% in it for the science of fighting, while 99% of people seem like they're in it for the sheer brutality (or a hybrid of the two).

violence is not the usual way to solve problems, but when push comes to shove, every man needs to know how to break skulls as quickly and efficiently as possible.

but storylines and bad guys do sell tickets to the violence-lovers, so we gotta respect that.

same reason i kind of wish dana would eschew the high road versus vince-mac and just straight take the challenge and beat the shit out of him in an octagon. although since the dude does seem to be his idol, dana would probably just judof-cuk him for the whole, short fight. meh.

They probably wouldn't be nearly as entertaining, but would probably win more often, do better against wrestlers and have much better game plans.
and, shit... who's going to pull them away from their army of yes-men and their support system?

of the two of them, i think it's nate who has to make the leap and hope that nick follows. he's got a better head than his older brother and has much more of his career in front of him. we can only hope.

but the diaz bros are very awesome to me because they show how REAL fights are conducted in life. mostly with psychology, and only occasionally with the body.
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