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Default Re: "Rape Crew" in small town Ohio

Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
Looks like this coach is in trouble if these texts can be submitted as evidence. Just another big fish in a little pond thinking they're above it all.
Actually, "the coach" is in no trouble whatsoever, according to the signs I'm seeing quite visible on the wall. He was mentioned during the trial two times. Once in a text message from the defendant to friend and another time by Jane Doe (the victim), who said the defendant (Trent Mays) told him that the coach was alerted as to possible allegations by the police at some point just prior to the arrests.

Those are the two instances in which the coach was mentioned during a trial with mountains and mountains of evidence, and neither was anything close to definitive evidence of any involvement or prior knowledge of a crime.

In an interview with the county prosecutor done today, she touched on the text message involving the coach and it was pretty clear from her reaction that people need to let this play out.

It is as though people want there to be something more than there is so badly, they're willing to take any tiny scrap of anything and run with it. There is so much contrived nonsense that has already been proven to be erroneous, you'd think people would think twice about going all-in on the next big conspiracy in this case.

Could it be that a couple of kids just took advantage of an incapacitated teenage girl without city officials, police, the prosecutor or the coaches having any involvement?

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