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Default Re: The Walking Dead (television only) thread

look i really enjoy the Walking Dead. it's one of my favorite shows, and it has amassed a huge following. it is definitely on the right track.

that being said, Breaking Bad blows it out of the water. Breaking Bad is so superior to the Walking Dead, it's not really even worth debating. let's face it man the Walking Dead has the advantage of zombies and a post apocalyptic world, two features that are extremely popular in entertainment today. Breaking Bad has a vastly superior team to TWD; the writers are some of the best ever on television. Breaking Bad blows the Walking Dead out of the water in every respect: better plot, better acting, better writing, better characters, better cinematography, etc. the Walking Dead is mostly just a fun way to escape and root for your favorite characters and enjoy some zombie killing goodness. Breaking Bad wins. Breaking Bad is the one who knocks. Breaking Bad pwns everything.

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