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Default Re: This must be said: The Wire is overrated

Originally Posted by andgar923
I've been waiting to watch this show for years. The hype around this around the inter webs had me salivating. ....

To be honest/fair I just saw the first season, and I'm really not anxious to begin season 2. Game of Thrones immediately grabbed me, the quality stood out from the get go.

you're being short sighted.

whether or not you're into it, the Wire can NOT be evaluated after one fukcing chapter. it's an epic story. it's not episodic.

although since i couldn't have summed it up much better than this review, read this:

“The Wire” has the steepest learning curve of any show I can think of, but that makes sense, given how the series slowly and deliberately weaves together such a dense system of cause-and-effect, involving cops, lawyers, politicians, union leaders and drug dealers in an intricate network of favors for favors.

For all the show’s density, though, there’s humor, insight and inner conflict in almost every scene.

...In other words, this is not television crafted to bring cheap satisfaction.

Once you start to understand that the street thug may be more of an idealist than the cop pursuing him, or start to wonder whether the dockworker whose bribes have led to a horrifying pileup of deaths is an honorable guy or a juvenile idiot, things get increasingly uncomfortable.

........“The Wire” might be too slow-paced and complicated for a lot of viewers — it’s no “24,” after all.

But it’s gratifying to watch this series captain a whole new exploration of the form, leaving the standard conventions of episodic television flailing in its wake.

If, after watching this series, a TV drama starts to look like a haiku, it’s because “The Wire” is, by comparison, an epic poem.

Like “The Odyssey,” “The Wire” invites us into a world that’s complex yet harmonious, darkly imaginative and, above all, deeply human.

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