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Default Re: "Rape Crew" in small town Ohio

I find it absolutely stunning that a relatively common crime committed by juveniles with no evidence or concrete proof of any corruption or cover-up has essentially turned into an international bashing of a city. What in the hell is going on?

I've taught in schools in the metro Cleveland area. I have friends who are either teachers, coaches or have kids across the eastern seaboard. Everyone is having to deal with the same kinds of issues, which is sex at very young ages combined with drugs/alcohol and social media. Those are the elements of this case and it is rampant across the country with young people.

By turning this into a conversation about why this is a uniquely Steubenville problem, there is an opportunity missed to discuss the broader, more important issues. I remain baffled at the narrative. And I also remain baffled that this is an international news story.

I mean, I know how it got that way... With salacious untruths spread by a well-known hacker group. But, now that we know 99.99% of what they alleged was completely made-up, why are we still talking about this? And, if we are going to talk about it, why is it still a focus on the city and not how wrong the false narrative was?

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