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Default Re: The Walking Dead (television only) thread

Originally Posted by $LakerGold
Anyway, this show is makin' simple things into a complicated situation.

Like, why did Andrea have to go inside that building? Are you F* serious? Move out of the road and keep moving forward you stupid B!tch!

Yeah I thought that was stupid too.

Oh and does the Governor have a gps tracker in her ass or something? He knew exactly where she would be everytime.

She could hear that the truck coming to where she was so instead of going around the building or hiding while the Governor checks out the building she decides to enter the building.

Now it makes no sense because its the obvious place for the Governor to expect her to have run into and it allows her to be trapped in a dark building with zombies and him. Even after she escapes and it looks like the Governor is screwed he somehow makes it back to the prison in the same amount of time as Andrea who had the head start?

Bitch should of hid in the trees and stole his truck while he went in the building looking for her.
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