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Default Re: "Rape Crew" in small town Ohio

Originally Posted by Kovach
I fail to see the connection between actions of 2 juvenile girls and the town corruption or the obsession with football culture, but that's just me.

For all I know both of them could have been "digitally penetrated" by those guys as well and enjoyed it.
Here's some quotes I'm seeing from people who live in Ohio or Steubenville itself:


As someone who lived in Steubenville for 10 years, this doesn't surprise me one bit. I went to Catholic Central (Big Red's football "rival"), and then went to Franciscan University of Steubenville there as well.

Trust me, if you spend enough time there you either get sucked in and are stuck there for life, or you run as fast as you can and never look back. From the outside it looks like a lazy, do-nothing town, but once you've been there for a while, it's a frightening place to be. There is a lot of bad mojo there.

Some of you may recall the case there (almost 15 years ago) where two college students were kidnapped and executed in the area. Yeah, those were my friends. They were shot in the head (after quite a bit of torture) for their ****ing SUV. I have plenty of other examples of how twisted that place is, but I'm pretty sure this rape case, and the reaction to it, can do the talking for me.

I still have a few "friends" back there, but I haven't been back to see them in a couple of years now. Every time I drive over the bridge from Weirton to the 'Ville, I always get a knot in my stomach - it's like returning to the scene of a crime.

My daughter was raped by a football player @ 14 . You know what the cops said? But --- But hes a star football player,do you really want to do this?

****ing Canton ,Ohio

Now ya know
They take that shait seriously

And that's exactly what i was talking about earlier... if the rapist had been a basement dwelling D&D nerd, the police would have raided the house in full SWAT gear and it wouldn't have made national news because no one cares about the skeevy D&D nerd and he doesn't contribute to the reputation or success of the school and by proxy the city, where as Bret McQuaterback the Rapist gets community cover up for his rapes because he's the local celebrity, and everyone knows that when you try and expose a flaw in a greek hero, it's going to make the news and then the shiat storm begins...

Small towns plus football culture leads to this type of shit.
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