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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

Originally Posted by idizzle
I kind of been thinking that the Pistons should trade Knight too. If the trade him and draft a PG like Smart, then who will be the SG? I don't see Stuckey and Bynum in their plans. Its a toss up on English and Middleton stay too.

I would think either English or Middleton would last at least one more season because they can be kept around pretty cheap. Other than that I don't really see them lasting too long in the NBA. I mentioned that before though. I don't really get my hopes up for too many 2nd rounders.

SG would be the question if we drafted someone like Smart. I would guess Singler would play either SF or SG for now. I think if they draft a PG they'll pursue a SG or SF in free agency or through a trade. I'd really like to see Knight get moved for a 1st rounder next year. I see him being a good combo guard off the bench but that's about it. Maybe he fits somewhere else better but I really didn't like how this season played out.

I would like to have Stuckey around as one of our guards, but the team just doesn't utilize his strengths anymore. Frank always tries to get him to do stuff that is out of his comfort zone. I think he's definitely going to bolt to a better team and be a 6th man / part time starter somewhere else. He can't be happy with how things have played out in Detroit.
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