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Default Re: Tomb Raider is awesome

Finished it last night. I'm heading back in to try to 100% each area. Going base camp to base camp shows me short in only two areas, but I think there might be a few smaller areas that don't have base camps that I'm not seeing. Either way I feel like I did a pretty bang up job tearing up the sets, and I did so without any internet aid to this point.

My initial reaction holds true. Not quite on Uncharted's level for the action and set pieces, but a similar feel, and a much more open world type of feel, although split up into seperate areas. A very good story on the Uncharted level. The voice acting not quite up to par, although Lara is superb, none of the other characters are close to Sully, Chloe, and Co., from Uncharted. And the upgradability of skills and weapons was a really great touch. I just finished all the upgrades at the very end, and considering my completionist seek out approach to playing, probably indicates that it may require a second play through in order to fully maximize all the goodies for most players. My favorite game in a while.
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