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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by Rowe
I thought he did a good job to start the year.

Not sure what happened. But I really liked the pick-up preseason and thought it was a bargain.

I still like it. He was cheap and I thought his defense was good. He went to the bench because of his offense. He was putrid, even for his standards. Plus, his free throw shooting seemed to be getting even worse.

I don't mind trading him but I did think there were other players that deserved to go more than him. I mean Boston got Jordan Crawford for nothing. It would be nice if we could have gotten someone of use for him and another player on our roster instead of just Kenyon.

And Rameek, one easy way to remember whether we have a 1st is if we didn't have one the year before. This doesn't apply to 2nd round picks but a team can't trade their first in 2 consecutive years.

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