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Default Re: So, will Kentucky dominate college ball for the foreseeable future?

Originally Posted by KG215
I thought it was very obvious Kentucky was vastly over ranked in preseason polls. None of their incoming recruits were going to be on the same level as Davis and MKG,, although Noel was getting close before he got hurt. It was the same thing that happened to UNC in 2010 and, to a lesser extent, this year. No team that loses basically every single starter/rotation player shouldn't sniff the top 20 let alone the top 5 in any preseason ranking. UNC had no business being a preseason top 10 team in 2010 or a top 15 team this year. 2010 just turned into a mega disaster because everyone kept getting hurt and missing chunks of games.

Anyway, I don't really see the big deal about Kentucky's season other than that it ended in a first round NIT loss. They lost their best player about midway through conference play. If Nerlens doesn't get hurt, they're comfortably a tournament team. I mean their ceiling would've been Sweet 16 (maybe Elite 8 with a good draw) but they would've won more games and comfortably made the tournament with Noel.

Next year is going to be interesting. Thought I heard Goodwin already said he's coming back, and if Poythress comes back that's going to be a shitload of talent and egos to manage next year, and there's only one ball. Even without Poythress and Noel it still won't be easy managing everyone.

Get the f*ck out of here with this crap. Sorry.

Probably the softest collection of top all americans in awhile. And even Noel wasnt that impressive prior to injury. Did you see them play? No fight, no heart.
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