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Default Re: So, will Kentucky dominate college ball for the foreseeable future?

Originally Posted by ukfan22
I thank you for this reasoned post

I agree that it will be interesting in regards to minutes next year, but I think Cal has changed his tactics after this season. He is going to get all the talent he can, and let them fight it out in practice, and the best man will get the most minutes. In the past, he's been keeping a short roster, but it worked out. It didn't this year, and that's going to change. He doesn't owe any of them anything, you're going to earn your minutes now.
2010 really humbled me. I think UNC was ranked as high as #8 or #6 in some preseason polls despite losing Hansbrough, Lawson, Green, and Ellington. Ed Davis came back, but he missed close to 15 games at the end of the year and in the NIT tournament; and other supposed to be key players like Tyler Zeller missed a pretty big chunk of games. And on top of that, Roy decided to try John Henson out at SF to start the season which was a disaster. He really came on strong at the end of the season after getting more comfortable playing PF, and was probably the biggest reason we were able to put something together and make the NIT championship game.

It felt like the world was ending and non-UNC fans were making fun of UNC for only being able to make the NIT a year after winning the national championship without putting anything into perspective.
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