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Default Re: The BigAss 2nd term thread

Originally Posted by KevinNYC
Are you aware when you are trolling? This is a serious question. Or does it just happen?

Like when you posted about a landslide presidential candidate who is not a politician that virtually no one has ever heard of---was there any consciousness on your part that this is just some nonsense and maybe it will get people riled up?

Or are you just so taken by whatever is the passing fad on Fox and Friends that you believe it for a day or two?

You're better than this, Kevin. You're letting your emotions take over. Believe it or not... a lot of women don't like Hillary.They think she is shrewd. I think that is a big reason she lost the primary.She has also moved further Left...the media won't be able to attack Carson the way they normally do the conservative candidate. I'm not saying anything out of the norm.

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