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Default Re: The BigAss 2nd term thread

Originally Posted by longhornfan1234

You're better than this, Kevin. You're letting your emotions take over. Believe it or not... a lot of women don't like Hillary.They think she is shrewd.

From the damn article I linked you to:
The demographics of her support provide a sense of what could be a key constituency for a Clinton campaign: women, especially those who are younger or middle-aged. Two-thirds of women, including 75 percent of those under age 50, say they would like to see her run.
You have to be trolling at this point, right?

the media won't be able to attack Carson the way they normally do the conservative candidate. I'm not saying anything out of the norm.

Liberal biased polls. Did not read.

You've learned nothing from very recent History. But Karl Rove gonna Karl Rove I suppose
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