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Default Re: The BigAss 2nd term thread

Originally Posted by longhornfan1234

You're better than this, Kevin. You're letting your emotions take over. Believe it or not... a lot of women don't like Hillary.They think she is shrewd. I think that is a big reason she lost the primary.She has also moved further Left...the media won't be able to attack Carson the way they normally do the conservative candidate. I'm not saying anything out of the norm.

No. This is exactly what I'm talking about. I think you have so internalized the trolling nature of the modern Republican media wing that you don't even recognize this as trolling. It's like it doesn't matter that the Fox News doesn't produce high quality news, as long as it pisses off fans of the Democratic Party, it must be OK. Wait make that the Democrat Party, let's pretend we don't know how to use adjectives. That will really piss them off. You just posted a bunch of nonsense that will never happen and now you're invested in defending it because it pisses off "libs." Your political instincts can be this bad naturally. You would have had to train them to be these bad.

My emotions? Nope, you go that wrong. My response was based on cognition not emotion. Because my first response to reading your post was "Who the **** is Carson?" Because I honestly had no idea who you meant. I'm a guy who is reasonably well-versed on the political scene and I was baffled.

I had to google him and find out he's a guy who made a speech in the past week. Maybe it was a really good speech. And maybe he's a real impressive guy. However, correct me if I'm wrong but, the guy hasn't run for dogcatcher. Oh, and also he's black. When's the last time a black Republican won a state-wide election? In your lifetime, I think the highest office won by a black Republican was Lieutenant Governor and that was in a reliably blue state. I believe the last time a black Republican won a big state election was when I was 2, back when Republicans supported Civil Rights. And that was in Massachusetts. So not only is he not the VP pick he's the presidential pick and a landslide one at that.

I wasn't even thinking along the lines of Don Dadda -- about him actually facing a Democrat because this guy winning a single primary is a fantasy. I thought it was funny that you thought a landslide candidate is someone who

A. Has virtually no name-recognition among Americans
B. Has no political experience whatsoever.

Even for folks who read threads like this, what percentage of people know who Carson is? I googled him a few hours ago and I don't remember his first name.

Long story short, Longhorn, I wish I could say your better than this, but it's par for the course.

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