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Default Post your Fantastic 4

If Miami had the 1 seed they would have an easier road to the final 4 and I might've even picked them to win it all buuuuuuut they don't so my final four is:

Indiana( I'm a huge cuse and MCW fan but they simply won't do it)

Michigan- tbh any of the 1-5 seeds + UNC have a realistic chance of winning the South

Ohio St- Could run into trouble if they bump into Zona

Michigan St. - Wanted badly to pick my Ducks but NCAA ****ed us over by giving us a 12 seed and then we drew the toughest matchup possible in 5th seeded OK State

All Big Ten final four? Nonsense you say? I think the matchups in the Round of 32 will have the most influence over whether or not my bracket falls apart or not.

Bracket trends right now: Picking 0 or 1 #1 Seeded team, Picking Syracuse to make the final four even without watching them play this season and them having argubably the hardest route there, also people seem to highly favor the established programs over teams in uncharted territory, regardless of seeding.
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